Welcome to my webpage! Here you will find information and links for career planning, colleges, scholarships, mental and physical health, social skills, upcoming events, and much more. Look to your left for specific pages for elementary, middle, and high school students. Seniors, make sure to check out the scholarship pages! My job is to be of assistance and support to students and parents. If you have any concern with your student from anxiety to behavioral issues to planning for college, please feel free to call or email me. ~ Kathy Stevens ~Wolsey-Wessington Number: 883-4221Email: kathy.stevens@k12.sd.us

Websites for parents


SDMyLife is a site that is available to all South Dakota students. Your student has completed personality assessments, career cruising, a personal learning plan, and much more starting in 7th grade. You will also find FREE ACT prep resources on the site. Each student has his/her own log-in. If you would like access to the account, please email me and I will get you log-in information. It is a great tool to use in discussing future plans with your student.

South Dakota Voices for Children
Information about mental health disorders that can affect children, available services, and how and where to get help in South Dakota.

High School Graduation Requirements
High school graduation requirements. Remember each school also has it's own additional requirements and number of minimum credits to graduate.

Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Free financial aid application for students. It is completely free and a good place to start the financial planning for post-secondary school. For a student attending college in fall 2017, he/she will need tax information from 2015. This is a NEW change in FAFSA, and will apply to all students attending post-secondary school in fall 2017. The earlier you apply, the better your chances at receiving grants if you qualify. Applications are available October 1.

IHELP student loans

A low-interest private loan when scholarships, federal money, and other funds will not cover expenses.