Welcome parents of elementary students! I am fortunate to teach your children throughout the year on topics such as manners, character, bullying, self-esteem, social skills, and much more. I am also available to meet with your child individually as requested for any concern from lack of organization to emotional struggles to problems at home.

One topic that will reach all students is bullying. Bullying is a topic that will be covered every year of school. Bullying has evolved over the last several years. It just isn’t pushing kids around; it includes verbal attacks, threats, leaving other students out, and aggression in all forms. The biggest change has come with the technology available to even very young students. Cell phones and social media sites have made it possible for kids to not only be in contact at all times, but also for them to say things that they would never say face-to-face. This is a combination that ignites bullying and can have dire consequences.

Almost every person is bullied at some point in his/her life. Most people have bullied someone else at some time as well. We have ALL witnessed it at one time or another. Research has showed the most effective method of reducing bullying lies in bystanders standing up for someone who is being bullied. Encourage your child to step in if they see someone being mistreated (or inform a teacher of what is happening).

As your school counselor, I am here to help. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any way (kathy.stevens@k12.sd.us).

Websites For Parents

South Dakota Voices for Children
Information about mental health disorders that can affect children, available services, and how and where to get help in South Dakota.

What is bullying, information on cyberbullying, how to help stop bullying.

Websites For Students
Pacer Kids Against Bullying
Game, videos, and more about bullying. Kids can sign a petition to take a stand against bullying.

South Dakota Health Edventure
Another South Dakota particular website that offers free registration for parents, students, and teachers. Your student may have already accessed the site at school. Here you will find resources on careers and overall health presented in a fun way with personal health records, activity sheets, and games.

It's My Life
Games, videos, celeb advice, information for victims and bystanders of bullying.

Kid's Health
Information on helping kids deal with bullying.