Tips for Scholarship Writing

Scholarship money is FREE money…you NEVER have to repay it! Don’t pass up on applying for one because it is too much work…remember, a lot of students probably feel that way, which increases your chances of winning.

$$ Start working on it as soon as you get it. Even if it isn’t due for months, it is best to get it done early. This way you have time to gather letters of recommendations, transcripts, etc.

$$ Always make sure you ask your references before using their names on an application. A letter or email could be easily overlooked if someone isn't expecting one!

$$ If the application requires an essay, have another person proofread it for you. If you have misspelled words, typos, incomplete sentences, etc., it will hurt your chances of winning. Essays are often the DECIDING factor in selecting a winner.

$$ If the application has places for “short responses”, a yes or no answer will not suffice. Always use complete sentences whenever you can, and write more rather than less.

$$ TYPE everything you can. DO NOT send in a handwritten essay.

$$If you are submitting an essay online, type it in WORD first, then copy & paste it. Save your essay!

$$ Make sure your name is on every part of the application…your essay, transcript, reference list, etc. (in case it gets separated from the application).

$$ Complete ALL parts of the scholarship. Even if you think it isn’t important to list your previous work experience, they do. There is no point in completing any of it if you are not going to complete all of it.

$$ SPELLCHECK it!! If a word doesn't look quite right, LOOK IT UP!

$$ Ask for help if you need it! Ask myself or a teacher if something is confusing or if you need assistance.

$$ Mail it in early or at least in time!